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Nick Bubash's vignettes put familiar symbols and icons to intriguingly ambivalent ends

Most of these sculptures playfully collide disparate things in what seems a send-up, though one with some appreciation of art high and low by Robert Raczka




Nick Bubash: Hand to Gods by Mary d'Aloisio

I met artist Nick Bubash in his Pittsburgh home earlier this year, and I was shaking in my boots nervous.  The man is the real deal, he performs and executes artistic endeavors with a passion that is intimidating to stand next to. Yet the opportunity presented itself, and I leapt at the opportunity.

The Warhol: Nick Bubash: The Patron Saint of White Guys That Went Tribal and Other Works

The Patron Saint of White Guys That Went Tribal and Other Works, the first solo museum exhibition of work by Pittsburgh artist Nick Bubash features a recreation of the artist’s studio which focuses on a large group of found object sculptures.  These sculptures reveal a playful approach to the artist’s practices and sardonic sense of humor.

The Mattress Factory

Exhibitionick Bubash

b. 1948, USA

O. G. Tattooing, 2003

skin, ink, drawings, lithography, handmade tatoo machines, knick knacks


By Jacob Axelrad Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Art preview: Warhol exhibits open doors to tattoo artist and queer life

July 17, 2013 4:00 AM

Staring at the title piece from the exhibition "The Patron Saint of White Guys That Went Tribal and Other Works," Nick Bubash grinned.


"It was always odd to me that white guys were coming in and getting tribal art," the professional tattooist said of his work showing a nude male figure covered in Maori tribal designs.


After 40 years in the business, Mr. Bubash, 63, has his first solo museum exhibition at The Andy Warhol Museum. He has been part of other museum shows since 1989, infecting his art with a sardonic sense of humor. It comes from an extensive collection of found objects, around 10,000, which he stores in his studio, both above and below his Robinson tattoo shop, Route 60 Tattoo.





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